14 Mayıs 2015 Perşembe


In our dynamic world, the motto of the contemporary human is “Think globally, act locally!”. This idea dominates the entire world and it urges people to take action designing more industrialized domains in their communities. These cruel economic rules are defined as the modern human can do everything to attain big success in business world and don’t care about the other things because those rules convince them that “Every man has a price” as long as you pay it. Although it can be deduced as true in terms of some aspects, some things are irrevocable such as what happens to our poor planet, the earth. A Native American proverb says that “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish is eaten, and the last stream is poisoned, the white man will realize that he can not eat money!”. It is distinct and also some recent researches detect that the industrialization consume the natural and domestic resources and it causes big and diverse problems like global warming. It displays definitely and clearly that people and their irrepressible demands are harmful to the world and nobody can deny it. Global warming differentiates the ordinary climate durations which brings about bad changing in human life. It can be seen that the seasons displace to each other. Can you imagine that a couple days ago it was end of the April but it was snowy. Even this single thing is just enough to derive what we made our planet. So people should debate what they can do to find a way out. If they keep declining the results of global warming, in close decades they will have to face more devastating effects. People should immediately consider the causes of global warming and should deviate the actions which cause the global warming. There are different dimensions of the causes of global warming. First, the use of fossil fuels must be diminished all around the world and the people need to devote themselves to start using of different energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, hydrogen and transition technologies which denote renewable energy. For example, the recent studies demonstrate that the Boron element and hydrogen will be able to use in automobiles and other transportation. Boron element will be able to use a kind of battery which enables to deposit hydrogen gases such as an energy source which makes the devices work. Also solar energy is an infinite and environmentally friendly energy source and Germany which is one of the most industrialized countries in the world drives the 20% of its energy from the solar energy and it has much less sunny days in a year when compares it with Turkey. It also decided to close its nuclear energy plants in next twenty years but despite all these facts our government has some regulations which are depressing for us. I think that many people in the world  can not discriminate the threats of the global warming. We all need some new regulations which should dispose on the entire world to stop global warming. The developing and the developed countries are very discrete in terms of avoiding the effects of global warming. In the developing countries doesn’t care the environment and they are still deforesting and using the fossil fuels. They distort the protocol and documents which focus on to save environmental conditions. If we want to keep the life of human, an influential draft must be edited all around the world to stop global warming. This is only way to provide to decrease dramatically the effects of it. As the one of Indian proverb says, we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. The Earth is the only home we have and we should always keep it in our minds because who wants to loose his or her home?..

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